Do kit yourself が「2023 年度 DFA アジアデザイン賞」最優秀賞を受賞!

先日発表されました、本年度DFAアワード(アジアデザイン賞) において、
弊社商品「Do kit yourself」が、最優秀賞である大賞(GRAND AWARD)を受賞しました。



(受賞者一覧ブック「DESIGN FOR ASIA: DFA AWARDS 2023」より引用)

I really like “Do Kit Yourself” because it makes you work for something. It’s easy, but it’s not effortless. It takes time. And any good thing that’s made by hand takes time. This piece is representative of what can be done if you are involved and engaged and can create something. As in Asian culture, where we have objects which have much more value than their actual func tionality or materiality.

It’s easy to ship, it can be customised, so you can use colours, finishes and other preferencesto make it your own, to personalise it. Most importantly, it uses a circular forestry system, so it’s sustainable. That also comes from the ancient culture of preserving, and remaking, and recycling. All in all, It’s more than just a piece of furniture. I think this project really has captured my heart.

Co-founder, Director, Elephant Design Pvt. Ltd., India DFA Design for Asia Awards 2023 Judge



DFA アワードについて(
2003年に香港デザインセンターによって創設されて以来、DFAアワードは社会におけるデザイナーの役割を支え、アジアに大きなインパクトをもたらしたリーダーシップや優れたデザインおよびプロジェクトを称賛すると同時に、将来性を 持った香港の新進デザイナーの表彰を行っています。


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